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Enjoy our no added sugar cookies

For sweet treats with less sugar, choose Keenan's today. We have developed a fantastic range of reduced sugar cookies, ready to be distributed from our centres in Armagh and the Ireland.

Cookie And Cream

Provide your customers with an alternative

More and more of us are taking notice of the amount of fat, salt and sugar we consume each day. With that, the demand for reduced and 'no added sugar' options is on the rise. At Keenan's we have developed a range of cookies which have no added sugar in their recipes, with no compromises when it comes to taste. Available in both brownie and 'cookies cream' flavours, they are a great choice for more health-minded customers. All of our products are placed in stylish packaging, making them an eye-catching option to put on your shelves.

With distribution capacity in both the UK and the Ireland, we are a trusted supplier for retail chains, smaller traders, hotels, B2B wholesalers and many other companies. With decades of industry expertise and a commitment to unrivalled quality, we look forward to working with you.

Take a look at our flavours below, and be sure to check out our other ranges, including our premium Delicious Delights. Contact our team in Armagh today to place an order or to learn more about our selection.

Order one (or both) of our flavours:

Try our no added sugar cookies for yourself

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